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Integrating With Cloud Foundry

Pivotal has partnered with AppDirect for marketplace services on Pivotal Web Services, Pivotal’s public Cloud Foundry instance. Service providers interested in adding their service to the Pivotal Web Services Marketplace should contact Eli Aleyner for more information.

Documentation on AppDirect’s API for Cloud Foundry can be found here:

Google Group

Join our Google Group to receive announcements regarding integration with Cloud Foundry:!forum/cloud-foundry-partners


Service providers should feel enabled to manage their own documentation. Fork the docs-pws-services repo ( and issue pull requests to update your Marketplace Services documentation page.

Your documentation page should reside at marketplace/services/

There is a template available to get you started. Please include the Managing Services and Support sections with links included; feel free to add additional information as appropriate. If your service is bindable, you should include the section on Environment Variables.

Provider Documentation Template

Sample Apps

Providing a sample application that works out of the box provides an excellent user experience. Developers can validate that your service works as expected, and the sample app should provide a code example for how to integrate an application with your service. There are two ways we recommend publishing your sample application:

  1. You can host your sample app in your own repo, and we can fork it into
  2. You can send us the code for your app and we can add a new repo to
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