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You can create a Circuit Breaker Dashboard service instance using either the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface tool (cf CLI) or the PWS Apps Manager.

Using the cf CLI

Begin by targeting the correct org and space.

$ cf target -o myorg -s development

API endpoint: (API version: 2.61.0)
Org:            myorg
Space:          development

If desired, view plan details for the Circuit Breaker Dashboard product using cf marketplace -s.

$ cf marketplace
Getting services from marketplace in org myorg / space development as

service                       plans          description
p-circuit-breaker-dashboard   standard       Circuit Breaker Dashboard for Spring Cloud Applications
p-config-server               standard       Config Server for Spring Cloud Applications
p-service-registry            standard       Service Registry for Spring Cloud Applications

TIP:  Use 'cf marketplace -s SERVICE' to view descriptions of individual plans of a given service.

$ cf marketplace -s p-circuit-breaker-dashboard
Getting service plan information for service p-circuit-breaker-dashboard as

service plan   description     free or paid
standard       Standard Plan   free

Run cf create-service, specifying the service, plan name, and instance name.

$ cf create-service p-circuit-breaker-dashboard standard circuit-breaker-dashboard
Creating service instance circuit-breaker-dashboard in org myorg / space development as

Create in progress. Use 'cf services' or 'cf service circuit-breaker-dashboard' to check operation status.

As the command output suggests, you can use the cf services or cf service commands to check the status of the service instance. When the service instance is ready, the cf service command will give a status of create succeeded:

$ cf service circuit-breaker-dashboard

Service instance: circuit-breaker-dashboard
Service: p-circuit-breaker-dashboard
Bound apps:
Plan: standard
Description: Circuit Breaker Dashboard for Spring Cloud® Applications
Documentation url:

Last Operation
Status: create succeeded
Started: 2016-09-09T14:25:07Z

Using Apps Manager

Log into Apps Manager as a Space Developer. In the Marketplace, select Circuit Breaker.


Select the desired plan for the new service instance.

Select plan

Provide a name for the service instance (for example, “circuit-breaker-dashboard”). Click the Add button.

Instance name

In the Services list, click the listing for the new service instance.

Service successfully added

Click the Manage link.

Manage link

It may take a few minutes to provision the service instance; while it is being provisioned, you will see a “The service instance is initializing” message. Once the instance is ready, its dashboard will load automatically.

The Circuit Breaker Dashboard instance is now ready to be used. For an example of using a circuit breaker in an application, see the Writing Client Applications topic.

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