Using the Dashboard

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To find the dashboard, navigate in the PWS Apps Manager to the Services tab in the Config Server service instance’s space, then click the listing for the service instance.

Service instance listing

Click Manage.

5 manage link

If you are using version 6.8.0 or later of the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface tool (cf CLI), you can also use cf service SERVICE_NAME, where SERVICE_NAME is the name of the Config Server service instance:

$ cf service config-server

Service instance: config-server
Service: p-config-server
Bound apps: 
Plan: standard
Description: Config Server for Spring Cloud Applications
Documentation url:

Last Operation
Status: update succeeded
Started: 2016-09-09T17:45:34Z
Updated: 2016-09-09T17:47:39Z

Visit the URL given for “Dashboard”.

The dashboard shows the JSON object used to configure Config Server settings. You can click the Copy to clipboard button to obtain this object in a string format suitable for use in command lines.

Updated dashboard

For the settings shown in the above figure, the button copies the following to the clipboard:

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