Externally Visible IP Addresses

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Pivotal Web Services (PWS) no longer supports static external IP addresses. Instead, PWS uses a BOSH feature that automatically assigns public IP addresses to VMs. This feature assigns public IPs to the Diego cell VMs, which host all the app instances running on PWS.

Note: The IP address assigned to a particular VM is ephemeral and may change at any time.

However, you can obtain a list of possible source IP address ranges. For example, you might need source IP address ranges to integrate your app with a log management service.

To generate a list of possible external IP address ranges for apps hosted on PWS, run the following curl command:

$ curl https://ip-ranges.amazonaws.com/ip-ranges.json | \
  ruby -rjson -e \
  'puts JSON.pretty_generate( \
  JSON.parse(STDIN.read)["prefixes"].select {|v| \
  v["region"] == "us-east-1" && v["service"] == \
  "EC2"}.map{|v| v["ip_prefix"]} )'

Note: PWS is currently hosted on the us-east-1 region.

For more information, see the Public IPs for Diego Cells blog post.