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Some description of what the service is good for.

Creating and Managing Services Instances

Managing services from the command line

Is your service bindable? If not, you should say so.

Using Service Instances with your Application

Include this section only if your service is bindable. What is the format of the credentials stored in the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable?

See Delivering Service Credentials to an Application and VCAP_SERVICES Environment Variable.

Format of credentials in VCAP_SERVICES environment variable.

  service-foo-n/a: [
      name: "service-foo-75efc",
      label: "service-foo-n/a",
      plan: "example-plan",
      credentials: {
        uri: dbtype://username:password@hostname:port/name
        hostname: ""
        port: "1234"
        name: "asdfjasdf"
        username: "QvsXMbJ2rK",
        password: "HCDVOYluTv"


Framework-specific integration techniques.


Framework-specific integration techniques.


Framework-specific integration techniques.

Sample Applications

Links and documentation for a sample app which a Cloud Foundry user could use to see the value of your service.


What users can do with your dashboard.

Additional Documentation

URL to your documentation site


Contacting Service Providers for Support

URL to your support page