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Gluon CloudLink is the bridge between your enterprise systems and applications running on devices (desktop, laptop, mobile or embedded).

Gluon CloudLink is a Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) providing Mobile Enterprise functionality to back-end applications.

Using Gluon CloudLink, your enterprise components can easily integrate with your mobile applications. Data that is added or modified on a mobile client can automatically be propagated to your enterprise components, using a Gluon CloudLink Connector. Vice versa, if the data on your enterprise component changes, you can inform Gluon CloudLink about this and this action will propagate the changes to the relevant mobile clients at the right moment.

Managing Services

Managing Service Instances with the CLI

Gluon CloudLink is not a bindable service.

Log into the Apps Manager. Find your Gluon CloudLink service instance on the Space page in which you created it. Click the Manage button to log into your Gluon CloudLink account via SSO.

Creating a Gluon Application

From the Gluon CloudLink Dashboard page, you can manage your Gluon CloudLink applications. Create a new application by providing a name in the “Add Application” form. A new application will be created together with a key and a secret.

Use the Gluon Connect API to connect your client application with Gluon CloudLink. The full documentation can be read in the Gluon CloudLink section of the Gluon Connect documentation website. Step 2.1 can be skipped, as you have already performed the actions described in there in the previous section of this document.

Sample Application


Gluon CloudLink

Gluon Connect


Contacting Service Providers for Support