Manage Service Instances

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This topic describes how Space Developers create an instance of a service plan in their space and bind it to an app.

Create Service Instances

  1. Log into Apps Manager as a Space Developer.

  2. Navigate to the org that where the service plan is enabled.

  3. Select Marketplace and select the Single Sign-On service you want to create an instance of.

  4. Select the service plan you want and click Select this plan.

  5. In the Configure Instance box, enter an Instance Name.

  6. Under Instance Configuration, enter a name for your instance in Instance Name.

  7. From the Add to Space drop-down, select a space for the instance. This space hosts your app.

  8. From the Bind to App drop-down, select an app to bind the service instance to. This option defaults to [do not bind]. If you do not bind the instance to an app, you can bind it at a later time.

  9. Click Create to create the service instance.

Delete Service Instances

  1. Log into Apps Manager as a Space Developer.

  2. Navigate to the organization and space that contain the service instance you want to delete.

  3. Click Services and then click the Name of the service you want to delete.

  4. Click Settings and then click Delete Service Instance. On the pop-up, click Delete Service Instance again to confirm you want to delete the service instance and service bindings.

Note: This action cannot be undone. Deleting a PWS service instance deletes the configurations on the service instance, as well as the associated service bindings. You must bind any apps bound to the deleted service instance to a new service instance.