PWS Usage and Billing

This topic explains PWS usage and billing.

Usage Types

Pivotal Web Services has three major types of usage:

App Usage

App usage cost is based on how much application memory the container takes to deploy your app and how long an app is running. Note that this is application compute memory, not disk usage. All users are entitled to up to 2 GB of ephemeral disk per application instance.

App usage is measured in GB-Hours (GB-Hr). A GB-Hr is calculated by multiplying the number of instances by memory size (in GB) by total duration (in hours). Pivotal Web Services charges $0.03/GB-Hr. The more instances you use, the more it costs proportionally.

The minimum charge for an app run is $0.01. You are charged a new app run every time you cf push or cf scale an app (including the same app).

PWS does not charge for apps that are deployed but stopped.

To better understand this, let’s look at some examples:


Task Usage

Task usage cost is slightly different from app usage. Since tasks are short-lived, we sum up the total usage (in GB-Hr) of all tasks for an app and charge $0.03/GB-HR.

For example: Suppose you run the following tasks as part of the same parent application.

Task ID App Memory (GB) Duration (Hr) Task Usage (GB-Hr)
1 0.5 0.16 0.08
2 0.5 0.5 0.25
3 0.5 0.4 0.2

Total Task Usage = 0.08 + 0.25 + 0.2 = 0.53 (GB-Hr)

Total Task Cost = 0.53 * 0.03/GB-Hr = 0.02

Service Subscriptions

Service subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis and the smallest unit is one month of service. Each service plan has its own pricing per month. To view the price of the monthly subscription, find the service in the Marketplace and you will see the price of each plan.

Upon creation of a service, you are charged for one month’s service and billed accordingly. If you delete the service before the month is over, you will still pay the full price; usage is not prorated. If a service is still active 30 days later, you will be charged for another month.


Each org is billed independently of one another. For example, if you create “OrgA” and enter in billing information, it will only apply to “OrgA”. If you create another org, “OrgB”, you will have to enter in billing information again. This also means each org’s billing cycle is independent. Your first billing cycle ends one month after the day you created the org. Your credit card is automatically charged at the end of a billing cycle.

Billing Statement

To navigate to the Billing Statement, log into PWS. Once on your org page, click the Billing Statement link in the upper right-hand corner.

The Billing Statement defaults to the current billing cycle. If you want to view a previous billing cycle, click on the Billing Cycle dropdown. The Billing Statement has two main sections: Charges by Type and Charges by Space.

  • Charges by Type shows your usage costs based on app usage, task usage, and service plans.

  • Charges by Space shows your usage cost based on space. To view more details, click on the “+” icon to expand the space.

Click the Print Invoice button to print your invoice. This will open a new tab with the PDF of your Charges by Type details.

Billing Cycle and Current Usage

PWS charges based on usage. Your credit card will only be charged once you upgrade your org to paid, or you create a paid org. Your first billing cycle ends one month after the day you created your org. Your credit card is automatically charged at the end of a billing cycle. The bill you receive will be for the previous month of use, not the current one.

To see usage charges for the current month, navigate to the Billing Statement page and select the current billing cycle. You will see your current usage as Charges to Date. All charges are in US dollars (USD). The Billing Statement page is updated every few mins.

Credit Card Processing

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB credit cards are accepted. Visa and MasterCard debit cards are also accepted.

Automatic Payment

Your first billing cycle ends one month after the day you created your org. We will attempt to charge your credit card at the end of a billing cycle. You will receive an email when it has successfully been charged.

Decline Payment

At the end of the billing period, if your credit card is declined, you will receive an email saying so. You must update your credit card within 7 days. If you fail to do so, your org will become “suspended” and your apps will be stopped.

Our payment processor may decline your credit card for various reasons. Unfortunately, the only information we receive is that the merchant bank for your credit card company has declined the charge. This is to protect the privacy of your credit card account information. If your credit card is declined, we recommend double-checking that the correct billing address was entered. If you continue experiencing issues, please try a different credit card.

You can update your credit card by navigating to the Billing Statement page and clicking on the Edit button in the Billing Information section. Once you save your credit card information, we will attempt to charge the new card and you will receive an email informing you if it was successful or not.